vineri, 1 noiembrie 2019

Brown...because it's old wood

This is the only coverege bridge from south eastern Europe. It's located in Bulgaria, Lovech town.
The bridge crosses the Osam River, connecting the old (Varоsha) and new town parts of Lovech, being possibly the most well known symbol of the town.

It's construction started in 1874 and finished in winter of 1876.
The bridge is 10 meters high and 84 meters long. It's foundation is made of stone, and the rest of it of wood. 64 workshops and commercial shops are situated along it. 

In August 1925 fire destroyed the bridge. A new covered bridge made of reinforced concrete was built in the period 1927 - 1931.

The bridge is one of the few remaining in Europe that have shops on them. Little shops, a cafeteria and a pastry shop are situated along it.

 Entrance to the bridge

A romantic image of the bridge in a painting.

This is my  participation for the Theme Day "Brown" on City Daily Photo.
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