vineri, 1 iulie 2016

Rainbow the grass

I look down from my balcony and I see the rainbow in the grass. The sprinklers were turned on to wet grass and the rainbow appeared.

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luni, 6 iunie 2016

Dizygotic twins

I found this mural on Doamnei Street. I could not find too much information about it, I just know that it's painted in 2011, on the wall of an old house.

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joi, 2 iunie 2016

Another day, another walk, another fence.

Dimitrie Racovita Street is a quiet street with many beautiful old houses.
In this building, well protected by fence, is the Romanian Academy's Institute of Geography.

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luni, 23 mai 2016

Caragiale's plays electrify you

In 2012 we celebrated 100 years since the death of Ion Luca Caragiale, the most famous Romanian playwright. 
To mark this event, Enel (one of the electricity suppliers) painted a power transformer house in the town center, with characters of Caragiale's work.
What is the connection between an electricity supplier and Caragiale ?! They both had a premiere at the same time. In 1885, at the premiere of the play "Of the Carnival" by Caragiale, the National Theater in Bucharest was electric lighting for the first time, becoming the third theater in Europe with electric lighting.

joi, 19 mai 2016

African Violets

Botanical Garden hosted, last weekend, the exhibition of African Violets. The exhibition was organized by the Romanian Club of Gesneriaceae.
Community aims at popularization of the family Gesneriaceae plants across the country through its members and all those interested in making a complex set of information about the history, evolution, care and propagation of African violets and other Gesneriaceaee.I visited the exhibition and I really enjoyed what I saw. It is the first time I see such an exhibition. And because I liked it so much I will show you some violets.

Casa din Dimitrie Racovita

Bucurestiul este un oras plin de contradictii, din punct de vedere arhitectonic. Gasesti case vechi in stil art nouveau, in stil traditional romanesc, case neutre sau blocuri comuniste. Printre toate acestea, am gasit aceasta casa, care nu se incadreaza nici unui stil arhitectonic. Proprietarul a vrut o casa unica si a reusit. Casa se afla pe strada Dimitrie Racovita.